Live Operator
Our live answering service is available 24/7 to take messages, deliver messages, and dispatch calls on a timely basis to service technicians and support staff as you direct.

Email Message Delivery
Receive your messages via the Internet, sent to your e-mail address as received or at predetermined times.

Alphanumeric and Numeric Message Delivery
Messages can be sent either on receipt or at predetermined times to your alphanumeric or numeric pager, cellular telephone, PDA or other wireless devices.

Fax Message Delivery
Receive your messages automatically as often as you like, sent directly to your fax machine. The delivery schedule can be on receipt, on demand or at predetermined times.

Voice Mail Message Delivery
Calls taken for your business by a live operator are recorded into a voice mail box which can notify you that messages are waiting, or you can call any time to pick up your messages.