Are there times that you are unable to answer your calls?

Did you know 50% of callers don’t leave a message on answering machines or voice mailbox?

Do you need someone to help you handle all of those inbound calls?

We can provide provide you with the benefits of a first-rate, trained, and highly-skilled answering service for Ilion NY. We do this by:
♦ Finding ways to better serve Ilion area customers by providing a growing list of services.
♦ Helping entrepreneurs appear larger and more established to their customers/prospects.
♦ Providing “Virtual Receptionists” to growing list of businesses.
♦ Providing 24/7 coverage for emergencies and non-urgent calls.
♦ Providing order entry, help desk, customer information, appointment reminders, reservations, customer surveys, event registration, dealer locater, overflow/after hours coverage and voicemail services.
♦ Training new operators for a period of from 3 to 6 months.
♦ Continuously training operators weekly.
♦ Working 24/7, you only pay when we are talking with your customers!
♦ Saving Ilion area employers thousands on staffing costs.
♦ Helping clients of various size from sole proprietors to Fortune 500 companies.
ATSI Award Winner for Customer Service Excellence
♦ References available from many different types of businesses including non-profit,medical, contracting, funeral homes, property management, real estate,professional services etc.