Allow your callers not only to order via your internet site but also by phone number 24 hours a day without adding your own customer service department. We can take your orders on your website or take information and send a message to your office for processing.

♦ Sell to customers who would rather place order with live person.
♦ Operators can answer frequently asked questions from scripts you provide.
♦ All calls are recorded so we can confirm any conversation.
♦ Cost-efficient compared to staffing your own department after hours.
♦ Ability to contact a member of your staff in case of irate customer or other emergency issue.
♦ Customizable account based on your need.
♦ Our experienced operators can take your orders quickly and professionally.
♦ Toll-free numbers available to expand your territory.
♦ Process orders on your website, order form or our message format.
♦ Operators will verify information such as shipping address, payment information, etc. to insure accuracy.
♦ Provide daily/weekly summary in order to monitor fulfillment of orders.