What do your customers think about your products/services?

Would your customers buy from you again or provide referrals?

Are your surveys giving you the real picture?

♦ Studies show that surveys done by an independent party give more accurate data.
♦ Phone surveys are generally more successful then a mailer.
♦ Call center staff will call a customer list and ask a series of questions that you provide.
♦ Third party surveys are impartial which allows for better measurement of your company.
♦ Gives customer feeling that you are providing a more “personal” approach.
♦ Gives customers impression that their feedback is important.
♦ Data can be captured and delivered in a variety of methods that will meet your needs.
♦ Quicker access to information to address issues or follow-up on additional needs/ requests.
♦ Allows you to evaluate your company and areas of achievment or improvement.